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The fact that I can write snippets about so many of them at one go is a testimony of me watching too many movies this month . Here goes:
Ah Long Pte Ltd (rating: 5/5)
This is a MUST WATCH! The creatively funny scenes and punch lines (hint: ah gua, mother, pregnant) will sent you over the edges, make you stomp your foot and cry with laughter. Loved the revamp way of chasing loan money. Be prepared to be blasted by super *rojak* language though.
Strongly recommmended for people who is feeling a little suicidal.
Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who? (Rating: 4.5/5)
There’s nothing new about the idea itself but they did a good job putting it in perspective. Jim Carrey-esque style of comedy will not fail you when it comes to tickle your funny bone. More often than not the adults were laughing harder than the kiddos. Really love the small furry animal… can’t remember her name.Good for any sort of age groups, at anytime. Just avoid going to the same cinema with babies (as if they really know how to watch the show).

The Spiderwick Chronicles (3/5)
It was kind of childish, really. Fun, nonetheless. Expect the normal magic, fairies, evil ogres, tunnels, a much sought after artefact (in this case, a book), with ordinary plots. The graphics are quite OK, and I kept wondering if those 2 boys are actually twins, or real-life brothers. Frankly, I have seen better fantasy movies.Watch it if you are in the mood for some brilliant colours and fairytale.

An Empress and The Warriors (2.5/5)
I don’t see Kelly Chan’s acting improving, Leon Lai is fat now, and Donnie Yen is nothing but a side-kick. The idea of why men resist so hard to hand over the in-charge position to women is totally emphasized here – she will just drop everything and run away with her lover. And the love matching KL and LL is just wrong (somehow)!

Only to pay tribute to the beautifully manufactured armour.

Vanished (-1/5)
I chose this movie instead of Shutter because I have seen the Jap version. I should have stick with Shutter. This movie aims to confuse you with bad story telling screenshots, seduce you with not so handsome or pretty lead roles, and lullaby you to sleep with a long and dreary puppy love story (who could have those kind of long-lasting feelings at 12?) The scariest bit came when a cockroach flew over me.
Don’t. Just don’t. Please just go watch the reruns of ‘The Eye’. *shriek


  1. SlowCatchUpKuan says:

    OMG u watched them all LOL i watched spiderwick and thought the ending was so anti climax and the story never really built up… and horton was so-so only

  2. Rolly Polly says:

    The twins were played Freddie Highmore… the wonders of CGI 😛

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