Zouk Out!


I promised myself I will go to ZoukOut before I turned 30. But I would have never have thought that my ZoukOut trip will be SO interesting…

Incident 1 @ Friday
First off, somebody*ahem* remembered that she did NOT bring her passport AFTER we got pass Malacca! (And she only realized when she was trying to tell her friend that he needed a visa to go to Singapore.) We have three options really:
1) To dump her on the side of the road;
2) To dump her at JB;
3) To call any friends that we knew that might be heading down to Singapore for ZoukOut and hope that they haven’t depart yet so they could get her passport.

Being naturally nice people, plus the fact that she was lucky enough to find such a friend, we waited two hours for the most important delivery of all times to arrive at the Ayer Keroh pit stop while talking nonsense and listening to ipod music and drinking tea.

Incident 2 @ Friday
At long last we hit Singapore at 3.00pm and were all set to paint the town red! We went bar hopping at Clark Quay @ MOS which we saw saw a white guy dancing too drunk to notice he’s dancing with a katoey; at Lunar which we saw some cat fight and gangster fight (woohoo!); and at Attica which we met some drunk dudes who had bad BO… yuck!).

Incident 3 @ Saturday
After 5 hours max of sleep (no thanks to the super hyper babes) we got freshen up and went to PS Cafe. By the way it has THE MOST FABULOUS big breakfast that I haven’t had for the longest time since Perth.. And although we have no problem finding a cab to PS Cafe, we waited for almost 1 hour to get the cab to PS Cafe and brought us home!

Incident 4 @ Saturday
I cannot stop thinking about my encounter with the most beautiful Aldo pumps I have ever met in my life… the bright pink and yellow one… I even dream about them…

Incident 5 @ Saturday
Somebody got drunk and lost…. I think I will skipped the entire story here.. Luckily she was OK. Actually half of the time I don’t know where my friends are!!!!!

Incident 6 @ Saturday
Somebody lost her shoes… (ok fine, it’s ME)

All in all, it was great fun @ ZoukOut and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Count me in for ZoukOut next year!


  1. Aileen says:

    Hi Pagan,
    No, I do not know or have your email ley…mine is aileenoon@hotmail.com
    Ok hah…next month. Let me know in advance when you are free.

  2. på9ån says:

    Hi Aileen~ Add add~ I’m sure you know my email address 🙂 This month quite tight ah.. moving house… next month ok? 🙂

  3. Aileen says:

    Wow! guess you hv enjoyed yourself hah…
    Pagan, I wanna add you in my list for Facebook. ok?
    When we can meet up for drink??

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