is successful relationship an urban legend?

Chick A and Chick B are analyzing a relationship – so what does it mean when he said things like that, so what did he tell you the other night, so what happens when he acts like that, so what should I do now, so what will you do if you are me… etc etc etc

Then suddenly Chick B told Chick A: “Eh, can you not ask me ah? I have failed relationships!”
Chick A consoled: “Nevermind, the blind leading the blind lo!”
Chick B advised: “You should ask those that has successful relationship!”
Chick A asked: “Who har? Who got successful relationship?”

…………… silence …………….


  1. lovie says:

    Successful relationship? How to define that? =p
    I think there are those who are really loving and all, but not many. We’ll have to wait, for the time to come, for the prince charming to come. =)

  2. på9ån says:

    Teri: Thanks babe! 🙂

    Jack: Err.. you might want to ask around your friends and let me know the statistic? 😛

  3. Jack says:


  4. Teri says:

    NICE Blog 🙂

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