a topsy turvy xmas dinner


It was once again the most anticipated CE’s company dinner. This year, thanks to our creativity-in-abundance director Dicky, the Top Room @ Top Hat Restaurant is transformed into a cosy little family room with a cheery fireplace (with fake fire, of course).

Everyone was supposed to dress up in something Christmasy (green and red? ughh). But since I’m a pagan with eclectic tastes (both in accessories and men) I decided to wear a Top Hat! Wearing a top hat at Top Hat Restaurant! Isn’t it cool?

…Though I have a sinking feeling that my subtle innuendo was completely lost on my hyperactive colleagues…

We have the usual xmas carols, gift exchanging, toasts, stand up comedians who did an excellent imitation of Indian ‘boob’ fight. The most interesting bit of all is that some excellent joker gave Shanice a tiny weeny piece of furry lingerie! haha!

In any case, it will be hard for me to leave all these behind…

Enjoy my photowhoring session pictures!


  1. ~风之翼~ says:

    OMG… u look possitively… … Round.

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