Zoo Negara Trip


I actually have a list of place that I wanted to visit in KL like Zoo Negara, Aquaria, the whatever wheel, FRIM, Science Centre. So couple weeks ago, I was bored out of my mind and decided to visit the Zoo Negara since I’ve never been there ever (shame on me) and dragged DB along with me.

I must say that the map provided in the Zoo Negara website is USELESS for people who are not familiar with that region. The map I found in mycen is not much better. The road sign that leads to Zoo Negara is PATHETIC. In any case, I found it since I’m such a good navigator haha.

When I reached there, I saw families upon families with little kids and strollers and I was thinking to myself “What the heck is a grown woman like me visiting the Zoo?”. But my worries were worthless because I saw grown MEN visiting the Zoo in PAIRS haha. (No, they did not hold hands!)

We had some Ramli burger to boost our energy first. Then we went to see the monkeys, more monkeys, and more and more monkeys, till I swore that if I saw one more type of monkey I would eliminate the entire race of monkeys from the surface of earth!

Before I could made my threat come true it started pouring. How timely. We had no choice but to buy an umbrella each, and I was forced to roll up my jeans like an ah-sam or else my jeans will soak up all the rain and gather all the rubbish along the way.

And so we continue with our journey to the next stop – the bears. We were taken aback by the sheer size of the brown bears! They were like 2 of us combined standing up! I don’t fancy meeting any bears in the wild anymore… 🙁 The honey bear looked really cute foraging the ground for earthworms though.

Next came the tortoise. One can only imagine how heavy is their shell with size that big. That’s why they move so slowly? In any case I wouldn’t want to be a tortoise in my next life – think about how you would feel if you can’t change out of your clothes even after you are dead…

Then we reached the reptiles section. In good time too, since it started pouring cats and dogs (why not pouring donkeys and asses? fishes and frogs? hmm…). Let’s just say that there’s no snake I’ve not seen in other zoos before.

After that were the giraffes, lions, tigers, leopards, emus, ostriches, elephants, wild cats, birds, birds, birds, and birds. *blek*

The highlight of the day – the Orang Utans! You cannot believe how cute they were. At first we only saw a huge orange furball and we were wondering if the zookeeper accidentally left the rugs there. Then it MOVED and we found out that the two love birds (or love apes) were actually kissing and cuddling. The female OU was throwing a little tantrum and the male OU was trying to pacify her by kissing her and holding her hands. (The female OU sneaked some looks at us when she was kissing the male OU… talk about female’s multitasking ability.) I guess the female OU got pissed off by us looking on and decided to give the male OU the cold shoulder treatment and run off to play with the ropes haha.

The worst letdown of the day – the penguins and the aquarium. What penguins!? There’s none since their home is under renovation! And I was looking forward to see the penguins all day! *argghh* And the aquarium is murky with humongous overfed pale looking aimless ugly fishes. *yuck* I wouldn’t even consider eating those fishes.

Despite the rain and the let down, I had an extremely good time there with DB. (Thanks DB for being so supportive of my crazy idea! *mwah*) But honestly, if you have the money, go to Singapore Zoo. At least they have penguins there!


  1. på9ån says:

    Reallyyyyy? Who are they who are they? I want to read their blog too!

  2. Johnny Ong says:

    dont know whether u realise, quite a number of bloggers did visit zoo negara in the past 1 or 2 months

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