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One fine noon, my colleagues decided to check out the new Jaya33 building and have lunch there – that’s why we went to the Vietnamese Kitchen situated at the ground floor. (Jaya33 is a new commercial building which dubbed themselves as “The Hyperoffice” that uniquely combines office & showroom capabilities.)

It was packed with people and we had to wait for about 10 minutes before we were seated. It wasn’t a big restaurant, and the sound proof mustn’t have been good because the chatter of the diners actually make the whole restaurant abuzz with echoing sounds! Not that it affected the quality of the food in any case…

dining area near the entrance

More sitting area inside

Introducing some of the nicer food:

You *must try* the beef noodles! I mean, just look at the chunks of beef swimming lazily inside the pipping hot flavoursome soup! The tribes could be a little softer but I’m not complaining.

Spring roll and fried chicken vermicelli

Stir fry seafood spaghetti – not too bad.

Stir fry noodles Vietnamese style – ok la…

the *free* spring rolls! Most delicious (and not because it’s free!)

Mind you, all the portions are BIG! If you are not a big eater, do share your food with your girlfriend or just give some to your guy friends haha.

Now here’s two cool refreshing drinks for you to try:

Sea coconut and red dates – just nice

My fave – basil drink. Really refreshing on a hot sunny afternoon.

And for the first time since I write reviews, there’s an actual map! Albeit with chock full of typo errors…

All in all, the food is generally tasty and although the service is a-ok only, I’d still recommend you to go and have a try! It’s not that expensive anyway.

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 4/5
Beverages? 4/5
Price? 3/5
Promotion? free spring rolls!

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