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I spent an unhealthy amount of time in KL Convention Centre doing events throughout my course of life in KL, and passed by the entrance of Aquaria endless times, but I never get around to step my foot into it. Strange, consider I like fishes a lot.

There are many reasons why I prefer fish above all moving living things. The popular ones are:
1) they don’t quite ever bark, or meow, or moo, or oink, or make any sound in general
2) they require very little food
3) they generally keep to themselves
4) they do not require a lot of attention
5) even when they perish, they die quietly and peacefully and won’t make a stink around the area

…Which makes me think, did anyone ever cry because their fishes die?

Ok, I digress. Well, I finally went to Aquaria last Saturday with a very nice JC who indulged me in my crazy mood. Dark, dank and with the pipe-in waves sound, I already felt relaxed the moment I stepped into it.

They had a touch pool right after the registration counter with the normal harmless sharks, siputs, and starfishes. They did not, however, have any facilities for us to wash or even wipe our hands after that! I had fishy smelling hands with me the whole trip. 🙁

After that were the spiders, the geckos, the urm.. monkey-look-alike-sad-looking-mammal, iguanas, alligators or crocodiles. It totally escaped me why would they want to feature any unfishlike or non-water based animals in the Aquaria at first place.

Then came the turtles, the fresh water fishes, the salt water fishes (I don’t know the difference, and no, I didn’t bother to taste the water to find out), the coral type fishes, the cousin of piranha, etc etc etc. (Can anyone tell me why are all the fishes so big? Is it because they are overfed and they lack of room to exercise?)

My favourite will have to be the Lion Fish! They are soooooo awfully cute and colourful, poisonous not withstanding.

…and then we eventually reached the tunnel! Actually before the tunnel they had a skunk and a small kangaroo, according to the personnel. (I think it’s actually a willabe. I, afterall, just went to the zoo but anyway) for photo ops session. Again, why anyone wants to take pictures of a skunk / kangaroo during their visit to the Aquaria completely eludes me.

Back to topic. The sharks and the sting rays were HUGGGEEEEE with a big capital ‘H’! JC told me that the sharks will have to be trained to turn their bodies because in the big wide ocean, they don’t ever have to since it’s so wide. I got to examine the razor teeth of one particularly nasty looking shark up close! Hohoho.

Over the PA system there was this woman who kept repeating NON-STOP some annoying facts about Napolean Fish from the time we stepped into the tunnel till we left! And throughout all her announcement I have no frigging idea what was a Napolean fish until I googled it… and found out that I actually took a picture with this big fish. (sweat)

The last thing on the menu were the jellyfishes and the peculiar looking huge snails and some weird distorted fishes. I’m really bad at remembering names so I don’t know what they are called. But we were fascinated by the jellyfish… I also like jellyfish because I like the concept that they are brainless. (mwahaha)

Honestly at the end of my trip I felt like I was turtle-nized because if nothing else, I really saw a lot of turtles. But I had a splendid time touring the Aquaria and will recommend any of you to pay it a visit as long as it’s not during weekends (else you’ll be swarmed by school kids like I did).

And by the way, if any of the Aquaria folks read my blog (fat chance), please have signs in both Malay and English, and make them SUPER BIG as I don’t fancy lecturing yet another inconsiderate prick who actually smacked a turtle down towards the bottom when it broke for the water surface.

Enjoy the pictures!
PS: Zephyerseeker, the pictures of tarantulas are a special tribute to your dead one and served as a note to you – don’t ever attempt to rear one again.

And here’s the map!


  1. på9ån says:

    thank you, thank you! 🙂

  2. BaBy_oN_BoArd says:

    fu yoh, what a nice post.. i wish there’s someday i can post sumthg quality like urs…

  3. ~风之翼~ says:

    don’t get me started on the tortoise u reared!

  4. på9ån says:

    if you want, sure!

  5. laocai says:

    Nice post!

    May consider to post it to TLK?

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