MyElephant Thai Restaurant @ Happy Apartment, Section 17, PJ

Food & Drinks

This little unassuming Thai restaurant is quite hard to find as it is located in the apartment block itself. On the outlook, it is really nothing. But when you stepped inside, you will be amazed by the interesting and incredibly creative decor! It’s mainly concrete you see, but a little bit of colours here, a tad of creative brick works there, some wood furniture & soft cushions around, make it a very cosy restaurant which you can relax with some friends and have a good dinner.

Ok ok, no more decor talk. On about the food! If you decided to go there, here’s your by default *must try* menu:
Snow Fish: oven baked with sea salt. Inside, the flesh is soft and with a slight salty taste (obviously… so much salt all over). Be careful not to have any generous amount of sea salt in your mouth!
Chicken Curry/Pineapple Curry: Take the pineapple curry if you can’t take too spicy food. Both are yummy!
Chicken Nugget: Better than KFC’s!
Thai Salad: Any salad of theirs are good, but make sure you ask if they are spicy.
Tom Kat / Tom Yum Soup: YUMMMYYYY!! The more you drink, the spicier it gets! Woohoo!

Try the special Hibiscus Tea to wash down your food with, very refreshing!

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 5/5
Beverages? 5/5
Price? 3/5
Promotion? N/A

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  1. på9ån says:

    who is Anonymous? The food there is not good? Tell me what happened?

  2. jc says:

    I mean a Top 10 restaurant (according to KLUE) can’t be bad at all, right ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    You should have your taste buds checked, or visit them again.

  4. andrew lau says:

    The food is lousy la…. u gave it a 5/5 ? Haha…

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