Kiku Zakura Japanese Restaurant @ Mid Valley

Food & Drinks

While milling around in Mid Valley, ASL & me chanced upon this restaurant on the top floor, next to the Vietnamese restaurant. When we walked into this restaurant, a face-all-painted-up-geisha-lookalike-waitress greeted us at the entrance with a fake Japanese accented English. Mann, that face! Gave me a fright! (I tried to surreptitiously take pictures of her but failed… because she was always surrounded by other geisha-lookalike-waitresses)

view of d’entrance

So we got seated and been presented the menu. The set list that they’ve got is really amazing! Tons & tons of sets to choose from. Too many choices sometimes are a bad choice.

Impressive leh

First came the *free* appetizer – Jellyfish, some shellfish and octopus. So-so only.

ASL ordered the tempura udon & gyoza set. It’s normal, not too salty, not too tasteless.

I love this type of egg though…

I had the beef sukiyaki set. It was tooooooo salty that should I didn’t take rice with it, I will be completely bald by the time I finish the whole set.

Although the quality of food was so-so and the price is quite expensive, the waitresses were attentive. Give it a go if you run out of ideas to eat and feel like paying a little bit more.

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 3/5
Beverages? 3/5
Price? 4/5
Promotion? iN/A

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