Claypot Chicken Rice, Restaurant Busy Corner @ Damansara Jaya

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Yes, I know I have been MIA-ing hence there are no posts on KL side on… How sad. Aileen, what have you been up to lately eh? 😛

Actually even though I haven’t write for some time, I have been secretly (ok, not so secretly) and dutifully (fine, lazily and half-heartedly!) taking pictures of the nice food places I sometimes visited, frequently visited, and have the urge to visit once I saw the advertisement.

So I want to introduce to you one place which I frequently visited with my colleagues – Claypot Chicken Rice at Restaurant Busy Corner @ Damansara Jaya. In fact, we’ve been there like >4 times last month, it’s disgusting how much we like it.

First, the heart-warming boiled soup which you *MUST* try! My personal favourite is the old cucumber soup. Then again, I’m a soup groupie. haha.

Next will be the main dish which we all salivated for: the Claypot Rice! There are several choices which you can choose from: Original*, Tom Yam*, prawn and red bean paste**.
* = tested & tried before = nice
** = never tested = you try & let me know?

tom yam flavour

How can you resist this?

It is fulled with exploding flavour, as you will know after the first bite you have.

How can we forget the important fibers? Remember to order the pan fried vegetables to balance up your nutrition! They have daily selections of in-season veges.

Best of all, it is not expensive at all! So do give it a go!

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 4.0/5
Beverages? 3/5
Price? 5/5
Promotion? N/A

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  1. aMberKeLLi says:

    Dammit Peg, you made me salivate just looking at all that food. And I could never possibly get that here in Chch, and at such a great price as well. Or authenticity. Grrr.

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