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Now for all the non-Malaccans, who doesn’t want to have chicken rice balls when they’re in Malacca, right? I mean, this particular dish involving people rubbing squeezing squashing perfectly normal rice into a ball-like apparition is *THE* food you have to try when you are in Malacca. (What’s with the fascination of balls anyway?)

And people like us (Malaccans, veteran chicken rice balls eater, etc) are particularly sick of it because it has been so commercialized that the chicken rice balls doesn’t even remotely begin to represent the chicken rice already.

So imagine my delight when my mum brought me to this place – Ee Jin Ban Chicken Rice Ball, and I discovered dang, their chicken rice balls are the quality that we Malaccans are looking for the longest time! (admittedly the name is dodgy)

The first bite of the chicken rice ball makes me felt nostalgia – it has all the goodness of chicken essence soaked up in that one ball. Ok, fine, exaggeration but hey, you’ve got to try it before you understand what I mean.

And the roasted chicken is succulent with a big ‘S’!

Well, in the yonder years chicken rice ball stalls only sell chicken and chicken rice ball. Guess they have to evolve in order to keep up with all the competitions? So anyway, they do sell other side dishes such as stir fry vegetables and sambal sotong and omelette – all of which gave a very ‘home-cook’ feel.

The vege

The sambal sotong

The omelette… sorry, I took a chunck out of it before realization sinked in that I have to take picture

Here’s a little story on how my mum manages to find this little unassuming restaurant. One fine day she has just finished her errands and was standing nearby this little eatery waiting for her ride when the owner of this shop came up to her and asked if she needed any help? Note: He didn’t ask if she wants to eat or anything. He merely extending a helping hand. I mean, where can you find such people anymore right? And the service they have in the restaurant is SUPER STAR!

Ichiban desu Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball. (sorry, can’t resist the pun! :P)

So quickly make your way down to taste it before it get commercialized! Where is it? Urm… it’s on the row of street after the Maybank which is after Mahkota Parade. Does this makes any sense to anyone? Ok… it’s on the same street as the Malacca Club… Err… I’ll go find out the exact street name & update ok?

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 5/5
Beverages? 3/5
Service? 5/5 5/5
Price? 3/5
Promotion? N/A

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