BBQ @ home sweet home


I think I forgot to mention what was all the grocery shopping for… BBQ AT HOME! Dad bought some hugggeeee prawns and scallops (both my favourite!) and there’s pork and mutton and dad’s prized sweet potato which he grew with his brothers (for fun, seriously… *sweat*).

I personally enjoyed the food a lot since there’s someone who’s doing the barbecuing, and there’s alcohol to be consumed! hahaha (freak alcoholic).


  1. på9ån says:

    unfortunately tragically yes… *BIG sigh*

  2. lanatir says:

    eh ur brother looks like u leh

  3. på9ån says:

    nyek nyek nyek….. I already told you I’ll blog it!!! LOL!!!!!

  4. ~风之翼~ says:

    OMG!!!! i look HIDEOUS!!!!!!

    you SHOULD NOT HAVE taken those photos and upload them in your blog!!!

    i was wearing freaking Heart Shaped BOXERS for banana’s sake!!!!

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