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Had a food tasting session at Bossa Nova, a Brazillian Grill just this week. Well, all I know is that it’s situated inside Park Royal Hotel, which can be a royal arse to get to because of the heavy traffic along Jalan Sultan Ismail.

The parking is… horrendous. No clear signage to direct patrons to the hotel car park as there are some construction going on near the hotel. So how do you go to the car park? Have some Malaysian-esque blind faith — keep going until you see the next road sign.

In any case, my breath was quite taken away when I stepped inside Bossa Nova. The interior used mainly stones and warm tone colours – it makes you feel as if you’re not in Malaysia for a spilt second. And then the serving girls wearing the salsa costume are soo cute…

d’reception area

one of d’dining area

a corner of Bossa Nova

d’main dining area + dancefloor

For the appetizers alone, you’ve got a selection of more than 20 items! You *must* try their beef soup, it is one of the best that I’ve tasted so far.

And would you believe how sinful the desserts look? (The little chocolate thing is good) But to be honest with you, our whole gang’s interested was more or less locked on the chocolate fondue fountain they had on the other restaurant haha.

But the *most* special thing on the menu is of course, their prime quality cuts flew in from Argentina and Australia, and prepared by their resident Brazilian cook. All the different meat were served individually with the service person holding a huge knife and the meat still oozing with heat on the spit stick. The beef and lamb are sooooooo nice that we cannot stop eating!

Their mint jelly is the best!

I was told by one of the managers that one chuck of the top side of the beef from Australia cost RM1,000 each! @_@

In any case, you’ll find a little round red/green token on your seat. They’re actually a signal for the waiters to continue load you up with food. “Red” is for no thanks; “Green” is for bring it on!

Ohh.. and they do have a little dancefloor for all the salsa-goers to boogy! There’s a new band coming in on August 8 so all you salsa freaks please make your way down there to experience a super fun Brazilian night out!

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 4.5/5 (their meat is yummmyyyy)
Beverages? 4/5 (strong drinks. Very nice.)
Service? 4/5 (very attentive service personnel)
Price? RM48++ per person (buffet lunch); RM58++ per person for buffet dinne)(For a buffet in KL? It’s actually considered quite OK)
Must try? Beef soup, special Brazilian appetizers, coconut ice cream, their MEAT of course. and yeah, their Whisky Sour.
Address? Parkroyal Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Contact? +603 2147 0088


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