The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

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A bunch of us were going to have dinner to celebrate something. And my first impression when I read the invitation is.. “What? Who’s so thick skin to call themselves THE MAGNIFICENT indeed?”

Just to check out this so-called magnificent fish & chip bar, I patiently crawled through the KL’s famous jam, which took me 1.5 hours to get here. (Actually it’s a straight-out-lie, I was swearing & cursing on top of my lungs all way through because it’s just plain NIGHTMARISH!!)

Anyway when I reached there, a not-so-magnificent outerior design greeted me. To be honest I have some problems locating the exact location of it.

Once you walked in, you’ll see a nice bar with some really sturdy bar stools surrounding it.

To go upstairs (since our gathering’s upstairs), you’ll have to pass by a book shelve. Seriously, who will picked up a book & read at a fish & chips bar? Beats me.

The stairs are nicely lit with ambiance lighting.

It’s a whole new world when you reached upstairs though! To my delight, they have a pool table and some really cool red leather sofa.

All I can say is, it’s really a small & cosy restaurant. Ok, ok. I know you’re impatient to know about the food. Here goes:

They have 2 types of main course: fish & chips; or grilled fish. You get a selection of 7 types of fish (Barracuda, Cod, Salmon, etc) for the fish & chips; you get lesser choice for the grilled ones. Must try the grilled salmon ok? It’s fishilicious! The fish & chip is really so-so only. Not as good as those that I’ve tasted at Fremantle, Perth. Yeah ok, that’s not a good comparison. 😛

The seafood chowder is extremely huge and comes with garlic bread! Not to mention yummy too! It can easily feed 4 typical girls.

I have to give it to this bar, though, cos they have all the authentic sauce.

What did one of my friend said previously? “One should always eat fish & chips with vinegar & salt, NOT chilly sauce!” Maybe it tastes more original that way but the hell with it, I can’t live without chilly! 😛

Their drinks ain’t that great. Passable, though.

I’ve tried better Lychee Martini

I can’t remember the name of this drink, but it’s one of their special drinks. It tastes somewhat like Cosmopolitan. Not too bad.

I hear you asking for the pricing? Urm.. to be honest I don’t know, ‘cos I’m not paying. BUT, you can safely assume that it’s not on the cheap side lah ya.

Last but not least, one waiter will always be around to service us. Their attitude is quite good too!

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 3.5/5
Beverages? 3/5
Service? 4/5
Price? 4/5
Must try? Grilled Salmon, Seafood Chowder

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