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Now do I have your full attention yet? Haha. Yep, this is true. The above promotion is valid during Happy Hours at SomO, Mont Kiara.

How do I discovered it? Well, one fine day I was walking on the street to go get my car when suddenly the banner featuring the above promotion totally caught my attention! Luckily I wasn’t standing in the middle of the road cos I was too stunned to walk for a moment. Being a true devotee to Happy Hour, I promptly sitted myself there with a couple of friends the next day hahahaha 😛

I mean, honestly, where else can you find such cheap beers in a more than adequate venue right? Usually the price here is around RM30++ in those shitty, almost run-down, nearly collapsed, you-won’t-even-know-they-exist-pubs in a very non-chic area.

Tried their jap food (didn’t think to take pictures then… was too hungry), it’s really quite good! I’m a fan of jap food so when I say good… it’s good. But, err, I haven’t have the guts to try out their sashimi yet cos I wanted to drink, & I don’t want to puke after that.

What & Where is it?
SomO is an alfresco dining concept restaurant/pub/lounge. It’s actually situated just beside Coffee Bean @ Mont Kiara… beside my favourite food place Marmalade.

Their bar counter is actually quite cool. I’m always attracted to things that shine..

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 4/5 (Their jap food is quite delectable! Worth a try)
Beverages? 2/5 (They constantly run out of a lot of drinks…)
Service? 3/5 (It really depends on the crowd. Big crowd? Don’t expect good service. Otherwise they’re quite attentive)
Price? 4/5 (The food & drinks are quite pricey.. except for the promotion)
Promotion? RM50nett for 2 jugs of beer!!

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