"Sex And The City" & Men

For girls like me, “Sex And The City” is the singular shrine TV series that is therapeutic, healing as well as educational to me.

From Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda:
– we learned that “he’s just not into you”;
– we learned that bad sex life will eventually crashed a marriage;
– we learned that no sex before marriage is a big no-no;
– we learned that there are actually cowardy guys that broke up with you in a ‘post-it’ note;
– we learned that we might still feel empty even though we might seemed to have everything;
– we learned that affairs are something that happened;
– we learned that every woman is a drama queen;
– we learned that no matter how crazy or deluded we might sound, we still deserved a good man.

My point is, Sex And The City is a life guidebook for single women.

So when today my guy friend told me he actually watched the whole season, I’m SOOOO impressed! Yep, impressed is the word. If only all guys watched SATC, our lives will be muchhh better.

… What do you mean you’ve never watched this series? Shame on you. Go get yourself a copy & start watching now!

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