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I know, I know. I said that I don’t want to be at The Curve anymore but sometimes, really, people has no choice since we’re all in this big tank of glue (jiang hu) haha.

Anyway, after lunch nutty & loony were looking for something sweet to munch on the other day. Ok, fine. Not so much of ‘looking for’ there since Nutty had been going on ; on about how she really need a donut during lunch.

So they went to the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

and ordered a 1/2 dozen donuts, 2 cups of tea.

from top left – top right: dark chocolate, ice frost
from middle left – middle right: bananarama, mango
from bottom left – bottom right: almond, peanut butter

To our delight, the cuppa actually came with 1 glazed donut! Ok, ours were 1/2 glazed really.

So how does the donut compared to Dunkin Donuts?
Better than DD I swear! The first bite was already infectuous! It was soft, fluffy, light & not too sweet. And they have many other flavours too! The MUST TRY are:
Dark Chocolate
Bananarama (chocolate + banana)
Peanut Butter (nutty whacked 2 of those in a go!)
1/2 Glaze
(sorry, I don’t really remember their names)

Got a chance to talk to the friendly boss who’s lounging outside his shop. According to the good ol’chap, he flew to US all the way to learn how to make donuts & when he came back, he opened the first & ever Big Apple Donuts shop here at The Curve.

So How Do I Rate It?
Food? 4.5/5 (The donuts were EXCELLENT!)
Beverages? 3/5 (Normal lah.)
Service? 3/5 (Quite OK.)
Price? 3/5 (1/2 dozen of RM9.90)
Promotion? A cuppa FOC a donut!

Go try it! Then tell me if you still prefer dunkin donuts. Nutty is obviously very happy with the donut hahahahahah


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